When tooth decay has damaged your tooth enamel, our skilled dentist, Dr. AllenĀ  may suggest a composite filling. Fillings are used to restore the strength of your natural tooth structure after decay and damage have been removed. The composite fillings we use at Bullard Family Dentistry are an excellent choice for restoring your smile for many reasons. Composite fillings can be matched to the color of your teeth for the most natural results possible. Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, also known as silver fillings, composite fillings actually bond to your teeth to create a stable, secure, and beautiful restoration.

It only takes one visit to our dental office to complete a composite dental filling in Bullard, Texas. The process is painless and simple. We will first remove all decay and damage from the tooth. Then, we will clean the healthy tooth to prevent the decay from reoccurring. Finally, your composite filling will be placed, shaped, and polished to match your natural tooth.

Composite fillings are a great option for those looking to combine beauty with functionality. We invite you to call or visit us at Bullard Family Dentistry today to learn more about the benefits of composite fillings and how they can improve your oral health and smile!