We will always do everything within our power to save your natural teeth and restore your overall oral health. However, some circumstances arise that necessitate the complete removal of a tooth from its place in your jaw. This is called a tooth extraction. When a tooth extraction in Bullard, Texas, is necessary, our caring dentist, Dr. Allen, is committed to providing you with a pain-free, relaxing experience.

A tooth extraction may be necessary if:

  • A tooth is severely damaged or infected and is beyond repair
  • Another treatment, such as orthodontics, requires the removal of the tooth
  • Advanced gum disease has loosened and damaged your teeth
  • Dental trauma partially dislodges or shatters a tooth

At Bullard Family Dentistry, we have the training and expertise to perform both types of tooth extractions, simple extractions and surgical extractions. With simple extractions, no bone is removed. With surgical extractions, some bone needs to be removed for optimal results. After a tooth has been removed, we will provide you with excellent cosmetic and restorative options to replace your tooth, maintain oral health, and restore the beauty of your smile. If you would like to learn more about how we guide you through a tooth extraction, please call our office today. We look forward to restoring your confident smile!