Important Considerations for Maintaining Good Oral Health

An effective oral hygiene routine is absolutely critical for maintaining good oral health. Poor oral hygiene promotes tooth decay, gum disease, and could lead to other serious issues. Maintaining good oral health has several factors that would like to share. recommends brushing your teeth twice each day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and an abrasive toothpaste…. Read more »

What Causes Bad Breath?

Does your breath constantly have a foul odor, despite daily oral care? Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is usually caused by poor dental hygiene, but it’s also a side-effect of bigger dental issues. If you suffer from persistent bad breath in , , our team at recommends looking into the following potential causes: –… Read more »

History of Toothpaste

Brushing and flossing the teeth is imperative to oral health. Did you know that people have been cleaning their teeth and caring for their smiles since as early as 5000 BC? Let’s take a little journey through the history of toothpaste. The Egyptians started using a paste to clean their teeth around 5000 BC. Other… Read more »

Be Chew-sy with These Four Food Types

If you listen to your dentist, then you know to limit your intake of sugary food. If you have braces, then you know to avoid hard, crunchy, sticky food. What you may not know is that these types of food (and more) can be harmful to anyone if not eaten carefully and in moderation. 1…. Read more »

Oral Piercings and Your Mouth

Are oral piercings dangerous? If you are wanting to show off your healthy smile and are considering getting an oral piercing, you might want to be aware of the risks associated with oral piercings. They have become popular as a sign of self-expression over the years, and while they may seem like a fun and… Read more »

It’s Time for a Spring Checkup and Cleaning

March is here and spring is on its way! If you catch the spring cleaning bug, you are familiar with the routine. Sweeping out the old, refreshing what’s left, and welcoming the new. A time for letting fresh air in, as we ready for new energy and renewed vigor after the long winter’s rest.  For… Read more »

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Prevention

Have you ever heard of baby bottle tooth decay? If not, you have now. This dental issue is very common among babies, and it is very dangerous and harmful. If you want your child to have the best oral health and smile possible, our team recommends that you do the following things on a regular… Read more »

Oral Piercings And Oral Health

Having studs, barbells, and rings in your lips, cheek, and tongue may seem like the latest fashion trend to some people, but to dentists, it is disastrous. Dental professionals recognize the many problems oral piercings can cause to oral health, which is why they often discourage oral piercings. Keep reading to learn more. Effects On… Read more »

The Effects Teeth Grinding Has on Your Smile

Are you constantly destroying your smile because of a teeth-grinding habit? If so, it’s time to stop! Teeth grinding can damage your teeth in more ways than you might realize, and it’s important that you do everything you can to quit. So, if you find yourself grinding or clenching your teeth at night or even… Read more »

What Types of Dental Bridges Are There?

If you have missing teeth, you are in luck because there are multiple types of dental bridges available right at your fingertips, including: 1. Traditional Bridges: A traditional bridge is made of two dental crowns and false teeth. The two crowns are placed on the natural teeth that lie on both sides of the gap… Read more »