A Chipped Tooth Can Sometimes Be Repaired by a Dental Filling

Tooth enamel is intended to be hard enough to withstand the rigors of biting and chewing food. Yet there are some things that can exceed the mineral strength of the tooth causing a chip or dental fracture. This could be the result of chronic night grinding, crunching on ice, or a bad habit of nervously… Read more »

Discussions Concerning Gum Disease Risk Factors

Are you aware of the numerous factors involved in increasing your risk for gum disease? Did you know that underlying conditions, genetic predispositions, and bad habits all heavily influenced your risk of developing gum disease? It’s true, so it is important to make sure you are exercising caution in your life to ensure that gum… Read more »

Denture Adhesive Can Help Secure Your Partial Denture in Place

A partial denture is sometimes a preferred option for individuals that are missing multiple teeth in one specific area of their mouth, yet are also averse to the oral surgery required to permanently replace those teeth with an implant supported bridge. The partial denture will be created to mimic the basic shape, appearance, and overall… Read more »

How Diabetes Impacts Your Oral Health

At in , , we recognize how much your oral health is impacted by your overall health and vice versa. To see how your oral health affects your oral cavity, it is helpful to understand how your microbiology in the mouth works. You may be surprised to learn that the mouth houses millions of bacteria… Read more »

Watching Out for Candidiasis

Candidiasis, also called thrush or oral thrush when it affects the oral cavity, is a type of fungal infection caused by Candida. Although Candida regularly exists in the oral cavity, they can cause infection if they increase unproportionate to the bacteria in your oral cavity. Here are some facts you should know about candidiasis. Risk… Read more »

Bruxism Damages Your Smile

Do you wake up with a headache, damaged teeth or restorations, or damage to the inside of your cheeks? Do you grind your teeth or snore when you sleep? Are your teeth starting to look dull and flat? If you have any of these symptoms, you may have bruxism. Bruxism is a condition in which… Read more »

Dental Fillings Can Be Used to Repair Small Cavities

There are unfortunate times when even a consistent a diligent approach to your daily oral hygiene regimen isn’t enough to prevent a cavity from developing on one of your teeth. As this starts to happen you might gradually notice a change in tooth’s texture, color, or increasing sensitivity. If you are experiencing any of the… Read more »

Things to Know Before Whitening Your Teeth

For those who have yellowed teeth, Dr. Denison and Dr. Allen may suggest teeth whitening in , . It is important to note that not everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening. Before any whitening is treatment is performed, it is important that you consider certain factors. Age & Pregnancy Teeth whitening is not a… Read more »

The Best Smiles are Possible with Mouthwash Care

Mouthwash is not always promised to work as expected due to the varying degrees of efficiency within products. Some products do not always work as they say they can or they vary in their uses, ranging from merely freshening breath, to providing enamel protection, fluoride treatment, and the potential for a whiter smile. Finding the… Read more »

Keep Your Smile in Tip-Top Shape With a Mouth Guard

Unfortunately, your smile is vulnerable to many things, like tooth decay, gum disease, and enamel erosion. Another thing that threatens your smile is participating in high-contact sports without wearing a high-quality mouth guard. This is because the ball, bat, tennis racket, helmet, and other hard objects could hit your mouth and cause a severe injury…. Read more »