Never Shirk Oral Health When You Have a Crown

Even if you have dental crowns protecting your teeth, it is best not to put off your oral health duties. Dental crowns need your help to stay in good shape, and taking good care of your crowns can be helpful for your gums too. Dental crowns are not much stronger than your natural teeth, meaning… Read more »

What Can a Dental Checkup Do for You?

Is there a point in visiting the dentist? Well, Dr. Allen and our hygienist can help you keep your teeth clean and stop dental problems before they get too far or even begin. They can help you have a comfortable and healthy life this way. They have the training and experience to scan for problems… Read more »

Choosing a Toothpaste

Have you ever thought about why toothpaste comes in a tube instead of a bottle? For one, it’s easy to see how much toothpaste is remaining, so you know when to buy a new tube. But the main reason is that it’s just what we’re used to! Brushing your teeth with toothpaste every day is… Read more »

What Toothbrush is Right for You?

Before leaving home, always remember to __________. Did the phrase “pack a toothbrush” come to mind? We sure hope so! Caring for your teeth with daily brushing is a habit that will keep your teeth healthier for your entire life. The following tips will help you select a toothbrush that’s right for you. If you… Read more »

Stop a Cavity Before It Starts With These Tooth-Saving Tricks

A common cause of cavities is the erosion of your tooth enamel, which forms tiny holes in the teeth. Though tooth enamel is known to be very strong and durable, many children and adults develop cavities at least once in their lifetime. We invite you to take steps now to prevent cavities by practicing proper… Read more »

A New Year, a New Opportunity For Dental Bonding

Now that the holiday season has passed and it’s a new year, we encourage you to make time to ensure your teeth and gums receive proper treatment. Any instances of dental damage or potential tooth hazards should warrant a visit to your dentist as soon you can for treatment. Dental bonding is a highly effective… Read more »

Halitosis Prevention Tips

Nobody wants to suffer from “dragon mouth,” but most people have bad breath from time to time. Bad breath, which is also known as halitosis, has many causes, ranging from poor oral hygiene to gum disease to eating odorous foods. Dr. Denison, Dr. Allen, and our team are happy to provide a few tips for… Read more »

Reinvent Your Smile with Dental Sealants

In order to protect teeth against the dangers of dental erosion, it is important to consider effective tooth prevention treatments such as dental sealants to be placed. Dental sealants are thin coatings that stretch across the chewing surfaces of teeth to ensure that cavities and tooth decay cannot continue to occur. They’re even safe enough… Read more »

A Chipped Tooth Can Sometimes Be Repaired by a Dental Filling

Tooth enamel is intended to be hard enough to withstand the rigors of biting and chewing food. Yet there are some things that can exceed the mineral strength of the tooth causing a chip or dental fracture. This could be the result of chronic night grinding, crunching on ice, or a bad habit of nervously… Read more »

Discussions Concerning Gum Disease Risk Factors

Are you aware of the numerous factors involved in increasing your risk for gum disease? Did you know that underlying conditions, genetic predispositions, and bad habits all heavily influenced your risk of developing gum disease? It’s true, so it is important to make sure you are exercising caution in your life to ensure that gum… Read more »