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If you are curious about dental implants, we are happy to explain some the benefits they can provide for you. They are very helpful for replacing teeth, and they can be good for your jawbone too.

An implant is set into the jawbone in the area or areas where teeth have gone missing. This placement can help it stay rooted because it has a strong foundation supporting it. Here at Bullard Family Dentistry, we can mount a few different kinds of teeth replacements onto the implant or implants. We can provide a crown if one tooth is missing, a bridge if a couple more is absent or a denture if many have become lost.

Implants can also be beneficial for your jawbone itself. The bone structure can weaken and shrink if a tooth goes absent because there is nothing left for it to take care of. The implants can provide something to support again, so it can reinforce itself. In fact, the implant can fuse with or become part of the bone, which can help both become even sturdier.

If you would like to learn more about dental implants, you can come to our office here in Bullard, Texas, to talk with our dentist, Dr. Brandon Allen. We are always happy to guide our patients as they weigh their options. To schedule a consultation with us, please call 903-710-2309, and we will be right there to answer your questions.