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Are you dissatisfied with the look of your teeth? Are they slightly broken, discolored or shaped imperfectly? In cases like these, some porcelain veneers may be able to replace those poor teeth with a dazzling smile.

The veneers are basically thin little covers for your teeth. They adhere to the teeth you have issues with and keep them out of sight. On top of that, the porcelain they are made from can have a color that is identical to your natural enamel. With these qualities, your smile can have a natural and gorgeous appearance.

Veneers can also require less extensive changes than other types of dental work, like crowns for example. Crowns can be helpful in many regards, but the teeth they fix may need to be shaved down by quite a bit. A bit of enamel may need to be taken off your teeth so the veneers can fit, but not nearly as much. The amount taken should be very small by comparison.

Dr. Brandon Allen, our dentist, takes great care to make sure the veneers have a natural appearance and can fit over your teeth. He takes impressions of your teeth to get accurate details on their shape, which can help us make sure the veneers fit and look just right.

If you would like to discuss veneers, we can give you more information here at Bullard Family Dentistry in Bullard, Texas. Our team can give you all the details you need, so you can take time to decide and figure out what works best for you. To schedule a consultation, you can call 903-710-2309, and we will gladly answer any questions you have.