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Dental sealants can help you in your fight against cavities. In fact, sealants can help prevent cavities on the molars and premolars, which make up your back teeth.

First of all, what is dental sealant? It is a very thin, clear coat of a special plastic that the dentist, Dr. Brandon Allen, can place on those back teeth. The coat can be placed and hardened within minutes. Once there, it can act as a barrier between those teeth and the bacteria that can bring about cavities. Your teeth can be well protected this way.

The sealant is safe for the mouth and it should be unnoticeable. The coat should be so thin and clear that it should be invisible to you and others. You need not be concerned about taste, as the sealant should not provide any unpleasant or noticeable taste once it is set in.

Dental sealants are not only useful for you, they can also be useful for your children. In fact, they are often recommended for children. The back teeth start appearing around the ages 6 through 12. We can place sealant on the molars and premolars as they appear, so your children can avoid having cavities develop on them.

If you are considering sealants for yourself or your family, we are happy to help you here at Bullard Family Dentistry in Bullard, Texas. You can call us at 903-710-2309 to gather more information and set up a visit with us. We are always happy to help you and your family keep those cavities from happening!