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Many types of filling exist. They all serve the same purpose, and that is to restore teeth that have had a cavity take hold of them. They fill the empty spaces of the cavity, giving the tooth back its strength and keeping it from falling prey to decay in that area again. So what makes composite fillings different? They have a couple of benefits that other types of filling do not have.

One of the main advantages of this type is that the composite resin used to create the filling can match the color of your teeth. Many other types of filling can clash with the natural whiteness of your enamel and make themselves very noticeable. Composite fillings can blend in easily, even to the point that people may not know that you have them.

They also have an advantage in that they can bond more with a tooth than other types of filling. This bond can help them stay in place and not slip out as easily, which is something you need to be careful of no matter what type of filling you choose. This bond can also help the filling camouflage itself because the point where filling and tooth meet can be practically invisible. The filling can look like it is just a natural part of the tooth and not an artificial restoration.

If you struggle with a cavity, a composite filling may be the answer to your problem. You can come to Bullard Family Dentistry in Bullard, Texas, to discuss composite fillings and any other available options with our dentist, Dr. Brandon Allen. In order to reach us and schedule your visit, please call 903-710-2309. We look forward to helping you care for your smile!