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Even if you have dental crowns protecting your teeth, it is best not to put off your oral health duties. Dental crowns need your help to stay in good shape, and taking good care of your crowns can be helpful for your gums too.

Dental crowns are not much stronger than your natural teeth, meaning they can be broken if you become careless. Chewing on hard items, like popcorn kernels, ice and hard candy can risk breaking your teeth and crowns, especially if you chew them frequently. Be careful of what you crunch on, though sucking on ice and hard candy is okay, provided you do not overdo it with the candy.

Other habits that can adversely affect teeth and dental crowns are clenching and grinding your teeth. Try to be aware of these habits and work to overcome them so your teeth and crowns can remain in good condition.

Gum tissue around the dental crown also benefits when you take time to brush and floss the crown. If you neglect to brush and floss the crown, plaque can gather on and around it. Plaque can infect gums, which is how gum disease happens. Don’t be concerned, because brushing and flossing regularly removes a lot of plaque, thus reducing the risk of gum disease. Dr. Allen and our hygienist can lower the risk even more by performing a dental cleaning every six months.

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