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A common cause of cavities is the erosion of your tooth enamel, which forms tiny holes in the teeth. Though tooth enamel is known to be very strong and durable, many children and adults develop cavities at least once in their lifetime. We invite you to take steps now to prevent cavities by practicing proper dental care so that vulnerable areas don’t develop tooth decay.

The following practices can greatly reduce the risk of a cavity:

– Brushing twice a day every day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and ADA-approved toothpaste
– Flossing between every tooth and under the gums at least once a day with quality dental floss or another tool used for flossing, such as a water pick
– Adding additional oral health care habits to your daily routine, such as wearing a protective mouth guard during sports and rinsing with mouthwash
– Eating a healthy diet low in sugar and acid, and restricting the number of snacks you consume between meals.
– Avoiding too many sugary or sticky snacks and candies that can stick to your gums and teeth and are not easy to clean off
– Chewing sugarless gum after a meal to reduce the risk of cavities, as studies have shown
– Visiting Bullard Family Dentistry for important oral exams and cleanings every six months

To learn more about how you can protect your smile and prevent cavities, please call 903-710-2309 today and schedule an appointment with our dentist and team. Dr. J. Brandon Allen will gladly sit down with you to discuss your options for cavity prevention in Bullard, Texas.