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Now that the holiday season has passed and it’s a new year, we encourage you to make time to ensure your teeth and gums receive proper treatment. Any instances of dental damage or potential tooth hazards should warrant a visit to your dentist as soon you can for treatment. Dental bonding is a highly effective method for tooth restoration that can improve weakened or damaged teeth.

We invite you to consider the following criteria to help you determine if dental bonding treatment would benefit your smile:

– Dental bonding may be recommended if you have any chips or cracks in your teeth, oral irregularities, or any signs of stains and discoloration.

– Spacing issues between two or more teeth can be improved with dental bonding.

– If you have short teeth that need to be elongated, dental bonding can make them look longer.

– Dental bonding can also be used as composite dental fillings if you need to repair any cavities or tooth decay.

– Exposed tooth roots can be corrected and protected with a dental bonding procedure.

– If the appearance of your teeth is not quite what you want, dental bonding can enhance your smile aesthetics.

– A single procedure of dental bonding procedure can last as long as 10 years, even under normal wear and tear.

To determine if dental bonding in Bullard, Texas, is the dentistry service you need, contact Bullard Family Dentistry at 903-710-2309 and schedule an appointment with Dr. J. Brandon Allen. We would love to hear from you!