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If you are looking to restore your mouth and jaw to a more natural look after tooth loss, dentures can help. Not only will dentures fill in the loose gap, but they will also improve the appearance of your face and smile.

Dentures are a wonderful solution for anyone who has suffered the effects of tooth loss. Here are some frequently asked questions about dentures:

Question: What are dentures?
– Dentures are artificial teeth, often in the form of multiple teeth together, designed to improve the look and function of mouths that have lost or missing teeth.

Question: What are the benefits of dentures?
– Dentures are extremely popular because of the ease of which they can be used. Many dentures can be installed easily, and are also removed easily if necessary. Dentures can fill gaps left behind by lost or missing teeth. Dentures can lower your risk of tooth slippage for healthy teeth, and prevent the chances for bad bacteria to fester in holes left behind by missing teeth.

Question: What can you do to prevent denture failure?
– The best way to prevent dentures failure is to always wear them correctly, and never let them dry out. If you remove your dentures and do not place them in a denture cleaning solution or room temperature water, they will dry out and crack.

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