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Breaking your teeth during Thanksgiving dinner likely isn’t the way you want to spend Turkey Day. However, it’s all too easy to crack, fracture, or chip a tooth when diving into the turkey.

In the event you do end up with a broken tooth during the upcoming holiday, take a look at what our team here at Bullard Family Dentistry in Bullard, Texas, recommends you do.

Chipped teeth

If your tooth is only chipped, it’ll be painful but it doesn’t need immediate attention. A chipped tooth can easily be fixed with dental bonding, a crown, or veneer. You’ll have to discuss which option is best for you and your needs with Dr. J. Brandon Allen to determine which restoration option you choose.

Fractured teeth

If your tooth is split right down the middle but not cracked, you need to get emergency treatment. The reason is because that crack exposes the pulp – the bundle of living nerves and blood vessels inside your teeth – to infection. If the pulp gets infected you could lose the tooth and others as well.

Unless you have a severe issue, it’s highly unlikely you’ll need immediate attention for your broken teeth. However, if something serious does happen you should seek immediate treatment. For more information and advice you can call us today at 903-710-2309.