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If you listen to your dentist, then you know to limit your intake of sugary food. If you have braces, then you know to avoid hard, crunchy, sticky food. What you may not know is that these types of food (and more) can be harmful to anyone if not eaten carefully and in moderation.

1. Icy

Chewing on ice isn’t something you think too hard about; you just do it. Unfortunately, this habit puts you at risk of harming your mouth and damaging your enamel. Other cold foods, like ice cream and iced drinks, can irritate tooth sensitivity.

2. Sticky

Sticky food, when chewed, becomes easily wedged between the teeth. If neglected, the food particles will result in plaque that attacks the enamel of your teeth.

3. Crunchy

When broken into pieces, crunchy foods become sharp and can cut your mouth, resulting in sores. Crunchy foods are also capable of breaking the wires of braces. Some crunchy foods, like potato chips, contain starch, which become trapped between your teeth.

4. Citrusy

While citrusy foods are great for your overall health, the high acid content erodes your enamel, leaving your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay. If you really want to drink a citrusy juice, using a straw will minimize contact of the acid with your teeth.

Being picky about the type of food you eat doesn’t mean you have to avoid some types altogether. Simply chew your food with care and brush and floss your teeth thoroughly each day. To inquire if any of the above food types are dangerous for you, contact Dr. J. Brandon Allen at 903-710-2309 or pay us a visit at Bullard Family Dentistry in Bullard, Texas.