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Are oral piercings dangerous? If you are wanting to show off your healthy smile and are considering getting an oral piercing, you might want to be aware of the risks associated with oral piercings. They have become popular as a sign of self-expression over the years, and while they may seem like a fun and creative way to express oneself, they are also not without risk. To avoid damaging your smile, read on if you are considering a tongue or lip piercing.

Risks with Oral Piercings

–An American Dental Association study found that tongue and lip piercings can be factors in tooth loss. Periodontitis happens when the layer of gum tissue and bone create pockets as they pull back from the teeth. This removes support for the teeth so they loosen and may need to be removed or fall out.

–Piercings can cause inflammation and damage to the nerves at the piercing site. This is made worse because the mouth is full of bacteria which can harm the body when they find a way to enter into a wound, and which the piercing supplies.

–As the piercing jewelry continuously touches (and irritates) the gums, they may recede, allowing the teeth to chip or fracture.

If you do have an oral piercing, be sure to take good care of the piercing site and follow the aftercare directions given to you by your piercing professional. Staying hydrated can help with wound healing because saliva has antiseptic qualities that can help your tongue piercing site while it heals. You can expect it take anywhere from four to six weeks for a tongue piercing to heal and up to two months for a lip piercing.

Beware the following Signs

–A yellow or green discharge from the piercing site (white is normal).

–A thickening and darkening of the gums around the site.

–Swelling, tenderness, or redness in the gums that doesn’t get better.

–An abscess at the site.

–Bleeding or tearing of tissue after the piercing has healed.

–An ongoing low grade fever.

Not everyone has severe problems with oral piercings but they can and do arise for some people and the effects are nothing to laugh about. Our goal is to keep your smile healthy, so if you have any questions or concerns about an oral piercing contact our office for a visit with Dr. J. Brandon Allen. You can reach us by calling our Bullard Family Dentistry team in Bullard, Texas at 903-710-2309 today!