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All Halloween candy will contribute to an increased risk for tooth decay. This is because plaque uses candy’s primary ingredient, sugar, to create acids that eats away at teeth. All candy contributes to cavity development, but some candies contribute a little more than others. When shopping for Halloween goodies, here are a few candies you should avoid purchasing:

  • Sticky Candies: gummy bears, taffy, and other sticky sweets are bad for dental health because they linger on teeth. This means that plaque bacteria have an ample supply of sugar to create harmful acids from for a longer period of time.
  • Hard Candies: these treats are meant to be sucked on, which in and of itself has them putting sugars in the mouth for a long time. If kids bite down on hard candy, then they can chip, fracture, or loosen their teeth.
  • Sour Candies: sour candies are the worst type of treat you can give. Not only are they rife with sugar like other candies, but they are high in citric acid levels which aid plaque acid in eating away at tooth enamel.

Instead we suggest purchasing chocolate, sugar-free gum, or other treats like pretzels or peanuts. You may even want to opt out of providing candy for trick-or-treaters and give stickers, small toys, pencils, or noisemakers instead. Kids will enjoy receiving something enjoy other than candy.